June 23, 2015 by Lab in Blog, News

UPRM awarded two Certificate of Recognition to our research!

We were please receiving two (2) Certificate of Recognition for our research last May during the 3rd Research Academy Symposium: “Research and Innovation as Accelerators of New Opportunities in Puerto Rico”, held at Guanajibo Research and Innovation Park, Mayaguez. These Certificates stated – “In recognition for your outstanding dedication and contribution

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May 23, 2015 by Lab in Blog, News

Threat of Cowpea mild mottle virus —what we know and don’t know about this exotic virus

It is available online the APS Webinar on Cowpea mild mottle virus (CpMMV), a member of Carlavirus genus.  The virus has been reported initially in Africa and recently on the new world. The virologist Dr. Judith Brown presented the status of CpMMV and some of the immediately research needs. Cowpeamildmottlevirus.aspx   Some of

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May 20, 2015 by Lab in Blog, News

Coffee 2015 Meeting – AES, Ciales

The Agricultural Experimental Station will held the Coffee Industry Annual Meeting this year in Ciales, at “Museo del Cafe de Ciales”.  The activities are coordinated by Prof. Carlos Flores and is dedicated to discuss the status of the industry, bringing new advances, sharing research advances to farmers  and everyone involved with

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May 16, 2015 by Lab in Blog, News

Defensa de Trabajo Doctoral

El próximo lunes 18 de mayo de 2015, 1:00pm, Ed. Julio Garcia Diaz, UPR-RP, nuestra estudiante doctoral Yobana Andrea Mariño Cárdenas, presentará los resultados de su disertación doctoral la cual se titula: Reproducción, proporción de sexos y comunidades bacterianas de la broca del café, Hypothenemus hampei. La broca es el

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March 14, 2015 by Lab in Blog, News

New Compendium of Coffee Diseases and Pests

Our laboratory took part of the publication of the “Compendium of Coffee Diseases and Pests, written by the foremost plant pathologists and entomologists studying coffee pests today. This new book is an essential tool that will help users involved in coffee crop production to identify and minimize the effects of

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February 22, 2015 by Lab in News

Award from Puerto Rico Society for Agricultural Sciences

During the 39th Annual meeting of the Puerto Rico Society for Agricultural (SOPCA) Sciences our laboratory presented two contributions: Distribuicion geográfica de la incidencia de la broca del café, Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), en Puerto Rico. Occurrence, biology and damage of coffee white stem borer (CWSB) to coffee in Nepal. At

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February 19, 2015 by Lab in News

Laboratory floor renovation!

A complete floor renovation at virology laboratory was concluded by the personal of “Departamento de Servicios” of AES-Rio Piedras.  Our special thanks to Mr. Juan Fontanez (Sup. Maintenance of Bldg.) and Luis Aquino that made an extra efforts to fit the renovation on their busy schedule.

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February 13, 2015 by Lab in News

Research Collaboration on Coffee Pests in Nepal

Dr. Rodrigues was USAID grantee to attend a volunteer assignment in Nepal providing technical expertise for pest management in coffee. Coffee is a growing cash crop for farmers in Nepal and has been growing in altitude superior to 800meters. The host institution was the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). He

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November 17, 2014 by rpagan in News

Whitefly taxonomy workshop

We received Dr. Ian Stocks (Florida Department of Plant Industry) that was the leading taxonomist conducting a hands-on training on whitefly taxonomy at our Center.  Dr. Amy Roda (Entomologist, USDA/APHIS) and Dr. Judy Brown (Plant virologist, Univ. Arizona) also collaborated with the workshop.   We have the participation of students

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August 21, 2014 by Lesly Colón in Blog, News
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Foro Colegial will broadcast our research program this Friday!

The Programa Foro Colegial will be broadcasting an interview about some of our recent research programs. Dra. Mariam Ludim Rosa Vélez, Directora Oficina de Prensa,  conducted an entreview about some of our new proposals at the Center. http://www.uprm.edu/prensa/forocolegial.php – “22 de agosto de 2014, 5:30pm – El doctor José Verle Rodrígues, director del Centro

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