Threat of Cowpea mild mottle virus —what we know and don’t know about this exotic virus

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It is available online the APS Webinar on Cowpea mild mottle virus (CpMMV), a member of Carlavirus genus.  The virus has been reported initially in Africa and recently on the new world. The virologist Dr. Judith Brown presented the status of CpMMV and some of the immediately research needs.



Some of our publications on CpMMV in Puerto Rico could be accessed at:

Rodrigues JCV, Belay DK, Huckaba RM, Esteves C, Kitajima EW. 2014. Characterization of a whitefly transmitted carlavirus in soybean in Puerto Rico. Virus Review & Research v.19, Jan-Jun, p. 1-5.

Belay, D.K., Huckaba, R.M., Ramirez, A.M., Rodrigues, J.C.V. Foster, J.A. 2012. Insecticidal control of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) transmitting Carlavirus on Soybeans and detection of the virus in alternate hosts. Journal of Crop Protection 35:53-57

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