New Compendium of Coffee Diseases and Pests

March 14, 2015 − by Lab − in Blog, News − No Comments

Our laboratory took part of the publication of the “Compendium of Coffee Diseases and Pests, written by the foremost plant pathologists and entomologists studying coffee pests today. This new book is an essential tool that will help users involved in coffee crop production to identify and minimize the effects of a wide range of diseases and insect pests that afflict coffee plants, as well as employ general crop management strategies based on the best research available.”

“Part one of this compendium covers infectious diseases caused by viruses, phytoplasmas, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, as well as an alga. Part two includes an extended overview of coffee pests. Part three discusses nutritional deficiencies and physiological disorders that may be mistaken for plant diseases. Throughout the book, more than 100 vivid, high quality color photographs help guide users to an accurate diagnosis.”

To order at APS webpage:


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