Whitefly taxonomy workshop

November 17, 2014 − by rpagan − in News − No Comments

We received Dr. Ian Stocks (Florida Department of Plant Industry) that was the leading taxonomist conducting a hands-on training on whitefly taxonomy at our Center.  Dr. Amy Roda (Entomologist, USDA/APHIS) and Dr. Judy Brown (Plant virologist, Univ. Arizona) also collaborated with the workshop.   We have the participation of students from both UPR campi (Mayaguez and Río Piedras) as well as technical personnel from USDA/APHIS and PR Department of Agriculture.  During the workshop we were able to have field visits, including a visit to Martex in Santa Isabel, where we were received by Dr. Yair Aron and Agro. Alvaro Acosta – Thanks Yair and Alvaro! In addition we visited the Caguas Botanical Garden.  During the identification process the group was able to identified all 20 whiteflies species reported for Puerto Rico and molecular barcode fingerprints have been generated for all identified species and associated to the voucher specimen.

Visit to Martex, Santa Isabel.

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