UPR emphasized the importance of our new Center for Excellence !

June 03, 2014 − by Lesly Colón − in Blog, News − Comments Off on UPR emphasized the importance of our new Center for Excellence !
The entire high administration from UPR, including: The President (Dr. Uroyoán Walter Ramos), The Chancellor (Prof. Lucas Aviles), The Dean of Colleague of College of Agricultural Sciences (Dr. Gladys Gonzalez), The Department Chair of Crops & Agroenvironmental Sciences (Dr. Elvin Paoli), the Associate Dean and Director of the Agricultural Experimental Station (Dr. Carlos Ortiz), among other attended and emphasized the strategic importance and convergence of efforts between UPR and USDA/APHIS that represent the opening of the Center for Excellence in Quarantine & Invasive Species.
Officers from USDA-APHIS, the PR secretaries of Agriculture (Hon. Myrna Comas) and  Natural Resources & Enviroment (Hon. Carmen Guerrero) also attended the opening and highlighted on their addressing the key role of the Center to enhance the work on agriculture and natural resources for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and US mainland.
See the UPR note about inauguration at the link:

Photo subtitle:  (Top – left to to right) Dr. Jose C Verle Rodrigues(UPR), Carlos Aponte (PRDA), Lucas Aviles (Rector UPR-M), Ron Weeks (USDA/APHIS), Carlos Martinez (USDA/APHIS), Uroyoán R. Walker Ramos (Presidente UPR), Matt Royer (USDA/APHIS), Phil Berger (USDA/ APHIS), Matt Ciomperlink (USDA/APHIS); (Seated – left to right) Hon Carmen Guerrero (Sec DRNA), Gladys Gonzalez (Decana, CCA, UPR), Hon Myrna Comas (Sec PRDA), Amy Roda (USDA, Safeguarding Initiative), Leyinska Wiscovitch (USDA APHIS), Rosa A Franqui (UPR, Mestre cerimonial)

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